About the Farmer & his family:

   The Farmer: Born in 1947, Farmer Marion Lambert grew up in Pensacola keeping chickens from the age of 10 and selling eggs to his neighbors. He founded South Tampa Farm over 35 years ago and have been a valued local tradition ever since.


  Daughter: The farmer's daughter, Blue, grew up helping out on the farm but has since earned her nursing degree and joined the U.S. Navy. Blue and her husband Charlie loyally serve our country and are  the proud parents of my grandson, Gavin.

  "Doc" Bill:  Bill is a skilled carpenter and all around handyman. He is often called "Doc" because he is also an essential and integral part of delivering the newborn calves here at the farm. Even further, Bill is proficient at training homing pigeons and his intriguing work can be observed at various times here at the farm.

Below are past news articles featuring the farmer and his work: